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Art Reproduction

Mona Mosaic
Are you a painter using oils, acrylics or water colours? Would you like to sell reproduction prints of your artworks after the original artwork has sold?

I can photograph your artwork before you sell it so the photograph can be used by you to reproduce as fine art prints, cards, or whatever you like.

My printer is capable of printing on canvas, fine art matte papers and satin photo papers – which means I can photograph your artwork and create your fine art reproductions in-house. (Note that my printer is too big for greeting-card sizes!)
I charge a flat hourly rate to photograph your artwork and prepare it for printing – then you can take the image file anywhere you like for printing.

Once your artwork is turned into a digital file it can be cropped to fit a customer’s particular shape requirements, or even edited to remove blemishes (e.g. brush hairs, paint specks, adhered dust) before printing at original or smaller sizes.

My high quality large-format printing prices are very reasonable – see here for print pricing and options.